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From Pamela Paquin – Little Bit’s Owner.

Little Bit is a 12 year old pure breed Maltese who came into our lives after we responded to an ad on KIJIJI.COM. We have a special place in our hearts for dogs and when we saw her we just had to meet her. That same night we went to see her and immediately feel in love. When I picked her up, looked into her big black eyes and she “hugged” me, I knew we were going to be friends. It was as if she knew she had found her forever home.

When Little Bit was 11 she had a very traumatic experience. Her owner and long time best friend passed away. Sadly, in the resulting confusion, Little Bit was left in the apartment for 2 days without food, water or being able to go to the bathroom. Knowing that she was not supposed to “go” in the house, Little Bit held her urine. This caused long term damage to her bladder and Little Bit now suffers with incontinence.

For the first few weeks we thought that her little “surprises” she left us were just a way of her adjusting to a new home. After we took her to the vet and it turned out she had urinary problems, we had to come up with a new game plan. Both my spouse and I work full time so we knew that it was going to be impossible to take her outside every ½ hour. We came up with the idea to put her in diapers. I went to the nearest Shoppers Drug Mart and picked out the smallest diapers I could find and cut a hole for the tail. She was surprisingly OK with her new look and aside from having a little trouble walking, she got used to the diaper rather quickly. A lot of people think that we are crazy to be putting so much work into a dog, but to me she is more than that. She is a member of our family, a friend and a loyal companion and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Little Bit also has a unique look. You will notice that her tongue hangs all the way out of her mouth. This is because she has no teeth left and this causes her to be unable to keep her tongue in all the times. Little Bit had a condition a few years back that required her teeth to be removed. I unfortunately don’t know the technical term, but basically her teeth were rotting so badly, that the vet decided to take them out. Believe it or not, this is a more common health problem with dogs than we know, as I am now learning. She is such a trooper this little girl. Even with no teeth she is able to eat dry kibble without any problems, although I am not sure how.

Having Little Bit join our family was quite a challenge at first. She is a very dominant individual and basically controls her other dog friends in the family. Don’t let the size, diaper and no teeth fool you. She rules the roost and lets everyone know who is boss. From the way she runs around and chases the other dogs, we sometimes joke that she is a puppy trapped in an old dog’s body.
Although it was never diagnosed, I also believe that at first she suffered an extreme case of separation anxiety. Whenever I would leave the room or house, Little Bit was not far behind wondering where I went and crying for my attention. It broke my heart to think that this tiny little animal, who weighs no more than 5lbs., was so scared of being alone. How can one blame her though when you think of what she must have endured? We gave her lots of snuggles and love and within no time she had adjusted into the happy go lucky dog she is today.

We found Debbie’s Grooming after having a horribly traumatic experience with another groomer, which left our dog Oliver terrified of being groomed. My mom had taken her dog to Debbie’s a couple of times and recommended her, but I was very hesitant after what he had already been through. After some coaxing and also realizing that the poor thing needed a haircut, I caved and took him to Debbie. Right away I knew things were looking brighter. I explained the situation and my fear and desire to protect him and never let it happen again. She listened and took the time to talk to Oliver and earn his trust slowly. Debbie even allowed me to come in the room with her while she worked on him, so that we both felt safe.
Debbie started off with “cuddle grooms”. Basically, she would brush him, do his nails and just become his friend in order to earn his trust. Within no time Oliver was fine and it was like that bad day never existed. Debbie is amazing with the animals and I wouldn’t trust anyone else with our “family”. The environment is so welcoming and homey and I think that really helps the dogs with their fears.
When Debbie switched locations I was beside myself. I had lost the new address and Oliver needed to be groomed. I was so scared that I was going to have to take my dogs somewhere else and start fresh. Needless to say, I tracked her down and my dogs now have a safe place to be groomed. I really appreciate Debbie’s honesty and sincerity when it comes to the animals that she works with on a daily basis and I thank her for the unconditional love she gives each and every furry friend who walks through her door.

Each of our dogs has a very special place in our hearts and we love them dearly. We are very lucky to have them in our lives. People tell us that we are doing a great thing by taking our dogs in and changing their lives, I disagree though. Each of them has changed our lives in one way or another, and I will be FOREVER grateful to them.

A Note from Debbie:

Pam and Mike are very special people. They are a young couple who devote most of their time and their money to the welfare of animals. When most are out partying and living it up, they are out searching for the next dog in crisis.
Each dog joined the family in a different way. Some via ads in the paper or on the internet, and one from the trunk of a car. I remember Pam telling me the story of this dog. When the person they were meeting pulled up and opened the trunk, Pam told Mike they were taking this dog – no matter what!! I know that God had a plan for these wonderful animals when he guided this family together.

Little Bit is the well adjusted and loving dog she is today, due in a large part to the care and patience given from her new home. Not many would have taken on the task of giving a family to this dog. It would seem like a lot of work and time and money. But Pam and Mike accomplish this every day with open hearts. They are never down or complaining and the needs of their pets never seem to overwhelm them. There is always a smile and happiness when telling of the latest adventure. It is without doubt that was the “forever” home that was meant for a dog like Little Bit. I can only imagine how much her original owner must have loved this little girl. The minute you hold her all you feel is love. You no longer notice the diaper or the very dry and chafed tongue. All you can see is the amazing gift you are holding in your hands and the soul within.

As a groomer I see a lot, some of which I would hope to never see again. It is so refreshing to see an owner who willingly gets their pets in for grooming on a regular basis. They want their dogs to feel good and to feel good about themselves. I personally, owe Pam and Mike my sincere thanks. Having the opportunity to spend time with their family and to know them all has made my life richer. There is a quote from the bible “Do unto others as you would have done unto you”. It is with little wonder that her dogs give so much love as they receive it, each and every day, in bundles.

" Have you a dog in Heaven Lord
Have you room for just one more
You see, my little dog died today and will be waiting at your door."

It is with heartfelt sorrow that I tell you of Little Bit's passing on March 29, 2011. An ultrasound discovered a massive tumor in her bladder that was causing her kidneys to shut down. This little soul was given the blessing of leaving this life with peace and dignity, while being held by those who loved her. I am blessed to have been able to share a small part of her life with her. I will miss her.