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This is an especially large problem, not only for the groomer, but for your pet. Matts can be very thin - appearing almost like lint or can hang the size of a soft ball from the haunches of some larger breeds. Matts don’t just take away from the appearance of your pet, they can also threaten your pet’s health. In climates such as we have in Canada, we tend to think that our dogs need the extra coat in the winter so we leave it alone. Meanwhile, each time your dog goes outside and either gets the matt wet or sweats behind the matt, moisture is building up. Since there is little to no air circulating behind the matting, the bacteria from the skin and the water start to wear on your pet’s skin. That bacteria can continue to eat away at the surface of skin under it, until open running sores appear. Needless to say, it is of the utmost importance to keep up the care of your pets coat throughout the year, whether it is a dog or a cat. Hopefully all your matting situations will be small ones but your groomer will be only too happy to assist you in the proper tools & products for the care of your pets’ coat.


Again, this is an issue that most owners don’t give a lot of thought to. We see, all too often, the dog with nails that have curled and grown right into the pad of the foot. We also see nails that are bent and splitting and becoming brittle. Inside the nails is a vein called “the quick”. I am sure that most pet owners have either accidently cut or had a groomer accidently cut the quick when doing their pets nails. It can bleed profusely but will stop with pressure applied. It also hurts when it gets cut. It is imperative that your pet’s nails be done every 6 to 8 weeks. Especially important is the need for proper nail care in small puppies. If the nails are neglected and allowed to grow, the quick grows with it. Then you get a dog that at an older age, cannot have their nails taken very short because the quick will be cut. By maintaining the length of the nails, we are preventing the growth of the quick so nails can be shortened adequately. Please keep in mind the pain that your pet is enduring when putting their weight on nails that are bent and growing to the side because of their length. Most groomers charge a minimal amount to do a pets nails and will also assist you in the products available that you can feel comfortable using at home. Personally, I prefer the dremmel for nails as I find it gives a far nicer edge and most dogs are not frightened of it. Most have been hurt by nail clippers so they aren’t experiencing the fear when you approach them with a dremmel. Many of my clients like the new Pedi-Paws system that is currently available. Although I have never used it personally, if it makes them comfortable to use it and their dog’s nails are being kept up, I applaud their efforts.

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